Infamously popular, Covid-19 is of extreme relevance today. It is taking a strong foothold throughout the globe while its enigma continues to baffle all people. Covid-19’s mysterious nature only adds to the fear it has already instilled in the hearts and lives of countless people. Countries across the globe are responding in order to keep the public safe, protected from the symptoms of this virus: fevers, shortness of breath, and general respiratory issues. For any age, these symptoms are troublesome, which is why there are so many policies and orders in place. However, these public restrictions are intrinsically adding to the repercussions of the enemy they are fighting against; thus, creating unspoken symptoms. Covid-19’s largest unspoken symptom, possiblythe deadliest symptom of the virus, is cultural confinement.

Now, I am not saying that we should ignore the bans and the good restrictions that have been instituted by authorities. Nor am I saying we should push for the lifting of these bans. The health of all people is being taken into consideration because of this virus, and the only response was to limit social interaction and contact. Therefore, these policies are good and beneficial for the general welfare of the public. Authorities genuinely have the well-being of every individual in mind.

Repercussions do indeed accompany these restrictions, though. Businesses across the countries are suffering, people are struggling from a lack of personal community, and face-to-face driven communities are hurting. This virus is not only affecting the health of individuals, but it is also affecting the community aspect of life. People were designed to have relations with one another (Genesis 1:18), and not simply behind a screen. Covid-19 is actively working in this way, completely disrupting cultural socialization, completely crippling the church.

In a time of sickness and fear, the church should be at the front lines of the battle. However, the unspoken symptom of this virus is severely crippling the influence the church possesses. Churches across the globe are being forced to close in order to love their communities appropriately and effectively, resorting to a temporary, online presence. The virus is only placing obstacles in the way the church gathers and functions, which is indeed damaging the life of the church as a whole.

Amidst the struggle and chaos, God is indeed faithful as our Shepherd (John 10:11). We have to remember that the church is not a building; the church is a people, the flock owned and cared for by the great Shepherd. Believers must continue to worship the Lord, spend time reading his Word, invest in the lives of others, and make disciples of all nations. Now, more than ever, we should be unified as one body under the headship of Christ, genuinely seeking to love those around us.

Jesus is our certainty in the midst of uncertainty. Although the Covid-19 has a significant hold on the world, Jesus has already “overcome the world” (John 16:33), and nothing overcomes him. Faith in him triumphs all sickness and disease, and it is the lifeforce of people. Place your hope in Jesus during this time of unpredictability and know that he has already overcome the world, including all symptoms of the Coronavirus, even the unspoken ones.