Matthew Barrett’s God’s Word Alone: The Authority of Scripture: What the Reformers Taught… and Why It Still Matters is a book that focuses on Scripture. Barret intricately lays out the history of Scripture’s authority leading up to present day’s postmodern thinking society. Sola Scriptura is the focal point of the entire book.

This book is a longer read with 374 pages of rich, theological content. R. Albert Mohler Jr. kicks off the book with a foreword, followed by an introduction to Sola Scriptura. Divided into three separate parts, this book talks about God’s Word throughout history (Reformation and beyond), God’s Word throughout redemptive history, and then the character of God’s Word.

Our Suggestion

This book is a great pickup for readers who have a thirst for learning about God’s Word, and want an in depth analysis on one of the five Solas: Sola Scriptura.